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Evo one tilt senor ground and armed

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I have a Honda Civic 2022 with evo one with alarm and remote start  enabled with evostart lte

separate siren to A7 dual stage shock sensor with directed proximity sensor all working perfectly with diodes into the middle input of the shock sensor input

Ground out while armed from A8 to directed 508d proximity sensor

my question is what's the best trigger input location wire for tiltt sensor and also would it be safe to wire the tilt and proximity sensor to the ground out while armed off the A8 for both or do I need a relay i know it shows pin out to be 750mA on the evo one I cannot find current draw specs of the directed 507m tilt sensor and the directed 508d proximity sensor
asked May 12, 2023 in Honda by Paul7819 (240 points)

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750mA should be enough but I will let you decide how you want to wire it. You can probably bench test current draw of those DEI pieces to get a better idea of total current draw.


As for your tilt sensor trigger, you can use the pink/black (door/hood input), or add it the middle pin of the shock sensor port. Really up to you.
answered May 12, 2023 by Robert T (298,130 points)
Thank you so much