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2009 toyota camry remote starter engine cranks but won't start.

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Hello I recently ran into an issue where when I try to remote start the car,  the engine cranks but won't start and my evo one won't master reset either and I really need help to get it fixed please. And my oem key doesn't unlock/lock the car or start the car either.

The S/N is 002B04 327767
asked May 15, 2023 in Toyota by Joseph Amaechi (130 points)

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You need to enable option 2.3 in the remote starter.

Also remote start from the factory remote is not listed as a supported option for this vehicle.


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answered May 15, 2023 by derek g (330,080 points)
Hello I enabled option 2.3 and the engine still cranks but won't start when I use the remote starter! I don't know what's going on and bypass module won't even master reset! I checked the 20 pins plug and I noticed that the brake pin is bent, could that be the reason why the car won't start with the remote starter? And how do I fix it?
There should be no bent pins on the evo, this could cause a multitude of issues if the pin touches another pin on the unit.


What happens when you try to master reset the bypass?
The bypass won't master reset at all. I tried several several times by holding the programming button on the module until the red led comes on then press and holding it again but the red stays on
Do you know what I should do?
I would suggest calling into tehcnical support when you have the module, flasher and vehicle on hand so a technician can go through it with you to determine why it wont master reset and see if its the unit itself in question.



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I bought another bypass module but the remote starter will won't start the vehicle and I programmed it correctly! I don't know what's going on :(