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can I use the start stop signal wire for 2008 Chevy express van?

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I purchased a evo all with gmt 4 harness for my 2008 Chevy express. My van does not have a factory fob because it has manual locks and window cranks. Can I use the start stop signal wire (a13) yellow/brown to start the van. I searched around and read that a negative pulse will activate this wire. I follow what little instructions that I could find and all it does is turn my dash and headlights on but does not proceed to start the car.  Not sure if I have to change some options with the flash link updater or if it will work at all since I don't have a fob.  Thank you for any info

also when I ground the start stop wire. The blue led blinks 1 time and then doesn't do anything else
asked Sep 25, 2019 in Chevrolet by tony vanore (180 points)

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We spoke this morning. For anyone else, D1 was not on. Once turned on yellow/black started the vehicle.
answered Sep 25, 2019 by Derek (178,310 points)
Just going to add this comment to help anyone else that may have the same issues.   If you are using a used unit like I was. ( unit was installed in another Chevy truck prior to my van).  I recommend doing a factory reset before moving on to programming anything...     my mistake was that I took this unit right out of my old vehicle.  Programmed it for the van. Then tried to use the trigger wire. All the settings were on including D1 and C1. But no luck.    It wasn't until I thought to do a factory reset. Programmed the key. Then went into settings to turn on C1 and D1 then the external trigger worked perfectly.    Thank u again Derek