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Evo one on 2020 Civic cranks but does not start

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I added an Evo one to a 2020 Civic push button, using Thor07 harness. Programmes with 73.31, unable to get 73.33. The car starts normally after the install. 3 x lock, the engine turns over but does not start. It then stops and cranks again but does not start. Any thoughts?
asked 2 weeks ago in Honda by Kumar Ramdhan (160 points)
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What do you mean by unable to get 73.33 ?
answered 2 weeks ago by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (57,460 points)
Can you give me some things I can try?
I looked over teh install Guide #83591 and it says to use Firmware version 73.[30].  How can I get thsi version so I can try it on the EVO One?
click on "view other firmwares" it's right next to the recommended firmware is loaded box
I used teh firmware 73.30 but still no luck.  Engine cranks but does not start.

Changed it from 3 x Lock to Lock + Unlock + lock and still not luck.

What else can i do?

Can you reset teh Decrypto for this unit 002B07284357